RINO Dan Crenshaw Called “Eyepatch McCain” at GOP Convention

As RINOs infiltrate the Republican Party, not all Republicans are willing to sit back and let it happen, as seen in the latest incident with Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw.

Crenshaw was in attendance for the Texas GOP convention on June 18th and some attendees weren’t so pleased to see him. The hecklers appeared tired of RINOs showing their faces at GOP events and had strong words for the politician.

The representative was called “Eyepatch McCain and “a globalist RINO” as he and his staff walked down a hallway area. Just as former deceased Senator John McCain sold out his party, Crenshaw has followed in his footsteps. McCain’s legacy of being a war hawk seems to continue with Crenshaw.

Crenshaw has voted for red flag laws allowing elites to determine who is mentally stable enough to own firearms. Unfortunately, at the rate things are going, it appears that one day soon, simply being a conservative could be enough reason for a red flag rule to be used against them.

He is also in favor of funding Ukraine while the American people suffer through inflation, and food and gas shortages, amongst other issues. For the other Republicans who voted against sending billions to the corrupt country of Ukraine, Crenshaw called their arguments “depressing” and “almost pro-Russia.”

To make matters worse, there’s buzz of the RINO having deep ties with the World Economic Forum, which seeks to completely globalize the world and destroy the United States’ sovereignty. Klaus Schwab is the executive chairman of the World Economic Forum and is known for the deep corruption he tries to infiltrate into American society. One of the people there told Crenshaw, “Klaus Schwab is literally your daddy.”

A man named Alex Stein was one of the hecklers and claimed that Crenshaw’s private police force assaulted him.

“I just want to make it clear that no one was assaulted today other than myself by Dan Crenshaw’s private police force,” Stein tweeted.

Crenshaw’s past includes being a former Navy Seal and losing his eye when an explosive device went off while deployed in Afghanistan.

The term “Eyepatch McCain” was actually started by Fox News host Tucker Carlson who berated Crenshaw for his support of pushing for war and supporting Ukraine’s regime.

As the Republican Party slides into becoming a watered-down version of the Democrat Party, it appears not all GOP members are letting it happen without a fight.