Ron DeSantis Grows Balls Of Thermoplastic

A new thing in politics is merchandise. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is known for her brand that touts her “Tax the Rich” slogan, and to her credit, her apparel is made in the USA.

Democrats hate Florida Governor Ron DeSantis because he resists and makes it look good. Not only is DeSantis a force to be reckoned with, but he’s proven that the Covid-19 pandemic doesn’t change if you open up your state or not. Lockdowns and mandates don’t work, and Florida’s Covid-19 numbers and deaths because the mortality rate in Florida is 1 point lower than New York, which was heavily locked down.

DeSantis also has apparel made in the USA, which is respectable, to begin with, but it’s his balls that are getting so much attention.

DeSantis’ website just got golf balls in the shop section. There are two in the package sporting the name “Ron DeSantis” and a slogan on the front of the box that says, “Florida’s Governor Has A Pair.”

If that wasn’t enough, the product’s title is “LIMITED EDITION: Fortified in Florida Gold Ball Set.”

DeSantis has taken a few key points from the previous administration and recently called President Joe Biden’s administration the “Brandon Administration” after the chant “Let’s Go Brandon” went viral.

Christina Pushaw, DeSantis’ Press Secretary, has also been on the move with Biden put down. Pushaw said, “Psaki knows exactly how her Tweet about Kamala Harris comes across. The Biden Admin is trying to use Kamala as a scapegoat for all their failures. They’re planting negative stories about her. I don’t pity her obviously, but it is pathetic of Biden.”

Pushaw’s comments were about Press Secretary Jen Psaki sending out a tweet about how bold Kamala Harris was when everyone knew she got her spot because she’s a Black American woman.

Hopefully, DeSantis has more in store as he grows in popularity and empowers Republicans across the country.