Ron DeSantis Is Compared To Fidel Castro Because The Left Is Scared

The left and their idea that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is becoming a dictator are hilarious. DeSantis has said from day one that he wants all citizens to have freedom of choice during the COVID-19 pandemic and not be mandated to do anything. Still, somehow this is twisted into some sort of dystopian narrative that he’s trying to arm the state to take over. It makes no sense.

The fact that 23 other states have an armed force not attached to the federal government tells you that DeSantis isn’t doing anything out of the ordinary. For instance, if you look at California, retail crime is rising. There doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. That’s not to say that the force would be used to target retail crime because it shouldn’t, but there’s going to be civil unrest in reaction to political shifts in the coming years. We’ve only begun to see the dark side of political dissent.

News stations have to get their ratings up, so they have to compare to authoritarian governments and use that against their political opponents. It’s challenging to do that when speaking about many Republicans, especially DeSantis, because of how freedom-minded and constitutionally based.

An MSNBC host compared DeSantis to Fidel Castro, not sure why.

DeSantis is the most notable Republican candidate, and the left fears him. Aside from former President Donald Trump, DeSantis leads the polls for the possible 2024 presidential election. The left is running scared. You can go to any state and see support for Florida and the measures that DeSantis has put in place to stop the federal government from locking down Florida and forcing Covid-19 mandates on them. It’s something more states have to be part of.