Russia Suddenly ‘Throttles’ Down Gas Flow Into Europe

Allowing Russia to have any power over anyone is a bad idea. Allowing the continuance of the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline in Russia by President Joe Biden was a terrible idea, and it’s proving itself to be a threat to Europe.

Russia is like a cousin at the family reunion who always asks for money and doesn’t talk to you for a year. You know they’re taking advantage of you, and if you say no, there’s the possibility of retaliation.

Russia loves to exert power over the rest of the world, and it’s not a surprise that they’re slowly reducing the amount of natural gas they’re pumping to Europe. President Joe Biden encouraged Russia when he waived sanctions on Russia over the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Funny thing, Biden shut down the Keystone XL pipeline in the United States. Energy independence in the United States isn’t shortly under Democratic control.

Gazprom, a state-owned Russian natural gas company, may be making a power move, and they know that Biden won’t do anything about it. If anything is more glaring to the world, it’s Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan and cognitive decline.

Tom Marzec-Manser, Independent Commodity Intelligence Services gas analyst, told CNBC, “Gazprom is readying itself for starting Nord Stream 2, and it is hoping to exert an element of leverage in terms of trying to make sure that when all the regulatory t’s get crossed and i’s get dotted, that that process is as swift as possible.”

He also said that supply and demand might determine the length of the process. You can always tell a country’s character when you give them power over a global resource or development, and Russia draws the line between power and accountability.

According to an Atlantic Council, Gazprom reduced gas exports by 20% earlier in 2021. Most of Europe’s energy comes from Russia, and the flow has increasingly diminished.

World leaders have warned Russia that there would be consequences for slowing energy production to other countries with the continuations of the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline, but they may have missed the message. Biden and others who attended the G7 Summit should have focused on the pipeline and regulations or shut it down altogether. The writing was on the wall, and Europe is suffering the consequences.

With all of the chaos in the world right now, we don’t need more world incidents, but anyone has to be held accountable for their actions.