San Diego School District Advertises Drag Show For Grade School Kids

San Diego parents are expressing outrage about a print advertisement sent to their public school children advertising an over-the-top sexually themed Halloween party, including a drag show.

Parents in the Encinitas Union School District received an email from the school system promoting a party sponsored by a gender reassignment surgery center and a gay bar. The event is advertised as the “queerest Halloween party” with a “family-friendly drag show” for the children.

Blaze Media reported that the event is being organized by Trans Family Support Services. That group provides “transgender support services” around the country. In addition to the drag show, the event aims to attract young kids with trick-or-treating and a costume contest.

The drag show is being promoted with a Disney villain character theme. It includes a number of adult cross-dressing performers with names such as “Razzle Dazzle Richards” and “Amber St. James.”

When questioned about the advertisement, the district said that the email went out to parents through an email platform that sends information about extracurricular events of interest to children in the district. The district attempted to avoid responsibility by pointing out a notice provided with messages on the system that distribution of material “does not imply endorsement” by the school district.

Some parents are reportedly making plans to attend this month’s school board meeting to protest the event and to let the board know that concerned parents have been called “homophobes” by a school district employee for asking questions.

Local attorney Paul Jonna told local reporters that he has been contacted by at least one concerned parent and as a result is requesting information from the district. He said that many parents are “just generally not comfortable” with pushing drag queen shows on young children. Jonna said that an even bigger concern is with the sponsors of the event.

He explained that he had submitted formal requests for public records regarding the event and the involvement of the gay bar and the reassignment surgery center.

Align Surgical Associates is one of the sponsors and advertises itself as a “gender confirmation surgery for transwomen, transmen, non-binary, and gender diverse individuals.”

Rich’s San Diego is another sponsor and bills itself as “San Diego’s largest and most popular gay nightclub.”

Trans Family Support Services executive director Kathie Moehlig defiantly proclaimed the group will not cancel the show, regardless of parental outrage.