Sarah Silverman Puts Joy Reid In Her Place For Misinterpreting CNN’s Article And Creating Her Own Narrative

We can all agree that Democrats have missed their mark on many topics these last few years. Not only have they been wrong about Kyle Rittenhouse, the 2020 riots, most of the Covid-19 pandemic, and more, they’re also losing their minds about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis wanting to create his civilian military force.

Joy Reid posted on Twitter, “So you all know this is fascist bananas, right?”

How? Doing the same thing 22 other states already have isn’t “fascist” at all. Fascism is defined as “a political philosophy, or regime (such as that of the fascist) that exalts nation and often race above their individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.”

Sound familiar? And no, that’s not a code word for the last guy. That’s the Democrat Party in a nutshell. They’ve placed race above all and bowed down to governmental leaders like it’s going out of style. Nothing Black Americans do is wrong, and White Americans are the problem. They’ve suppressed opposition with bans and censorship and not allowed free discussion to occur anywhere.

Of all people, Sarah Silverman chimed in. Silverman said, “Please read the article you post this stuff. You’re a news outlet. The truth has to matter.”

The article in question is from CNN, and the title of the article is “DeSantis proposes a new civilian-military force in Florida that he would control.”

I know what you’re thinking. Joy Reid, CNN, DeSantis, this can’t be good.

Very early in the article, it says, “DeSantis pitched the idea Thursday as a way to further support the Florida National Guard during emergencies, like hurricanes. The Florida National Guard has also played a vital role in administering Covid-19 tests and distributing vaccines.”

The article was surprisingly factual and accurate and explained that DeSantis has the legal obligation to create such a force. The Florida military has done a lot to assist in the Covid-19 pandemic. It seems to abandon DeSantis’s idea to kill people by exposing them to Covid-19, but CNN may have been feeling generous that day.

The article also said, “DeSantis has also stationed Florida National Guard troops at the Texas-Mexico border and sent them to Washington, DC, to help protect the US Capitol during the inauguration of President Joe Biden.”

DeSantis sure seems like a terrible dictator. When the federal government fails to act on important issues, the states have stepped up to the plate and done what they could to provide a solution. The attacks are baseless and aren’t necessary.