Satanic Temple Places Exhibit Next To Nativity Scene In State Capital

Local radio reports that the Illinois State Capitol is hosting several holiday religious exhibits, a Christian Nativity Scene right next to the “Serpent of Genesis” from the Satanic Temple.

The controversial display marks the fourth time the Illinois Satanic Temple has displayed imagery in the Springfield rotunda.

A representative for the Satanic Temple explained to The Daily Caller News Foundation that their display represents the pursuit of forbidden knowledge

An Illinois Secretary of State spokesman says organizations looking to use the Capitol rotunda for special events have to submit a form. A temporary display not paid for by tax dollars must follow specific public safety requirements. Haupt said in an email that displays like this in a public space like at the state Capitol are protected by the First Amendment — which apparently supersedes all Christian beliefs nowadays.

Defenders of the display say it is “not in opposition with other religions, but in a show of equality and shared space with other religious viewpoints.” Speaking with local media, the representative for the Satanic Temple dismissed those offended by the display. He said being offended is more than welcome — it’s their right. “But we have every right to be here, and we’re not going to sanitize that message because someone else is offended by that,” he added.