Scathing Ads Go For Newsom’s Throat As California Voters Wake Up

California Governor Gavin Newsom is done. The backup quarterback for the Democrats is falling in front of our eyes like Robert Griffin III after his initial run with the Redskins. Not really. RG3 is still one of the best and will always be a fan favorite.

Newsom’s top-rated contender is Larry Elder, a Black American Republican who would love nothing more than to free California of the Democrats’ grasps because California is so much more than a high-tax, gun restrictive, socialized, homeless run, and the anti-police state as it sits right now.

Not only has Newsom defied his own governors’ orders for masks and shutdowns, but he ignored the hypocrisy of Nancy Pelosi’s stunt when she got her hair done in a salon that was mandated to close. Pelosi didn’t even wear a mask! But, scientific information questions the efficacy of masks. It isn’t terrific, nonetheless. Pelosi has even suggested that House members be imprisoned for refusing to wear masks.

Newsom couldn’t even be listed as a Democrat because of a rule he put in place that his staff couldn’t follow. He missed the deadline and therefore didn’t have the magic (D) next to his name.

After homicide rates are up 29% and Black Lives Matter and Antifa has run the streets of California throughout 2020, Californians are tired. People are fleeing the state in unprecedented numbers, including firms such as Tesla and others. It will only force the state to tax its lower-wage residents more and more until the state is unlivable.

Campaign ads have highlighted many of Newsom’s disasters. Businesses have closed, homelessness is at an all-time high, and San Francisco is now paying criminals not to engage in shootings or be shot. The city is paying $300 per month with a $200 education and job incentive. It’s madness.

No way California will continue to progress with a Democrat at the front line of their policies and laws. Progressive theology holds residents under the poverty line and incentivizes negative behavior.

While polling has Newsom ahead in the Recall Election, Republicans will come out in large numbers to vote to recall the infamous Governor. Newsom is feeling the pressure as well. He recently let loose on the media and defended his “status” in the state, but nobody is buying it, at least nobody outside California. Newsom knows he’s in trouble, and with President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris campaigning for him, the results aren’t going to be in Newsom’s favor. Biden and Harris are highly unpopular right now with Americans. Their poll numbers are under 50%, which will affect Newsom’s popularity as well. Californians will see that Newsom and Biden are the same and hopefully make the right decision and get Newsom out of his leadership role.