Schools’ COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Blocked

COVID-19 vaccine mandates have been controversial since their inception.

Supporters of these mandates say they’re reasonable due to the harm that can come from contracting COVID-19, along with the ability for the virus to spread.

People who favor COVID-19 vaccine mandates also claim anyone who does not take COVID-19 vaccines is a danger to the general public.

However, as opponents of vaccine mandates point out, COVID-19 vaccines cannot stop anyone from getting sick with the virus or spreading it to other people.

This has been acknowledged by top health organizations. Nevertheless, the push for vaccine mandates still persists in certain communities.

It wasn’t too long ago that Los Angeles County Unified School District (LAUSD) tried to put through a mandate for students to take COVID-19 vaccines. However, this mandate was recently tossed by a Superior Court judge in Los Angeles.

The Fall of LAUSD’s COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate
It turns out that LAUSD’s vaccine mandate breached California state law. This is because the mandate didn’t grant any exceptions for personal beliefs. The Los Angeles Superior Court judge likewise said that LAUSD superseded its legal bounds.

LAUSD ended up facing a lawsuit after decreeing that students without COVID-19 vaccines had to transition to programs that allow for studying at home. This didn’t sit well with one father whose son deals with health issues.

The father warned that having his son take a COVID-19 vaccine could have worse effects than the virus itself. It also could have upset the young boy’s antibodies and immune system.

Therefore, in the lawsuit, the father determined that LAUSD was ultimately turning a blind eye to the risks of COVID-19 vaccines and ignoring credible threats to public education.

A Victory For Supporters of Informed Consent
In Los Angeles County, the officials who favored and enabled LAUSD’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate were also fully on board with school closures. This came despite the harm that social isolation and remote learning had on young children in their formative years.

With this COVID-19 vaccine mandate struck down, groups such as Let Them Breathe and Reopen California Schools have celebrated the verdict.

Supporters of in-person education and informed consent have been consistently railing against one-size-fits-all, medical mitigation tactics that don’t work for everyone.