SCOTUS Rules Against Biden On The Border. What Next?

The Supreme Court has been critical for putting President Joe Biden in his place. Biden seems to feel like he’s untouchable. His policies and the moves he makes have been constantly shut down, and the Supreme Court sides with the Constitution most of the time.

Biden’s open border and Vice President Kamala Harris’ lack of action to secure the border has caused a rush of illegal immigrants into the United States. However, this is unconstitutional under article 4, section 4.

Trump’s “remain in Mexico” policy was undermined by Biden when he took office, but the Supreme Court ruled that Biden has to put it back in place. The policy would have migrants stay in Mexico while waiting for asylum in the United States rather than release them into the country where they rarely show up to court. This political war in the United States has to come to an end. Biden doesn’t precisely follow the rules when he puts policies and executive orders in place, as you can tell from the eviction moratorium.

Biden’s administration says they will fight the decision, even though that could be even more detrimental to Biden and his approval rating. It’s almost like Biden and the left don’t think there’s going to be another election. They are drunk on power and are pushing through everything they can. Not only is the illegal immigrant problem affecting the American economy and will continue to do so, but we’re paying for the hotels and amenities that illegal immigrants are using. More spending means more taxes and higher prices on basic needs for Americans.

The Department of Homeland Security says, “The Department of Homeland Security respectfully disagrees with the district court’s decision and regrets that the Supreme Court declined to issue a stay. DHS has appealed the district court’s order and will continue to challenge it vigorously.”

But you can’t do that. The United States separation of power will get Biden impeached, and it should. You can’t destroy America. And if you try, you’ll be stopped by the government itself or by the people. That can sound like a “conspiracy theory,” but the Constitution allows the United States people to overthrow a tyrannical government.

Justice Antonin Scalia said, “When the able-bodied men of a nation are trained in arms and organized, they are better able to resist tyranny.”

When the President of the United States starts to buck up against the Supreme Court, we have problems. Ignoring the rule of law and ignoring your oath to the Constitution of the United States isn’t to be taken lightly. The government has its role, but so does the Supreme Court.

It may provoke Biden to add more Supreme Court Justice seats to appoint democrat justices and have his way. If he does, Congress and the Senate have to move to impeach Biden. You see what Biden is willing to do when he has Supreme Court pushback, imagine what he would do if he doesn’t.