Sec. Mayorkas Shows His Complete Cowardice In Front Of Congress

Have any of these wealthy Democrats ever rode horses? Do they not remember their ivy school league equestrian clubs? Their high-dollar families have done them an injustice, and it shows.  

Secretary Mayorkas said that the Border Patrol agents on horseback controlling a crowd of Haitians were out of control and didn’t represent what this country is about. Why did he say this? Because of images surfacing of a Border Patrol agent on a horse that the mainstream media and the White House say is “whipping” an illegal immigrant. As racial tensions rise in an already charged situation at the border, too many people are straight-up lying about the facts.  

The part of the equestrian equipment in question is called reins. What it does is stop the horse or direct its head in a specific direction. The reins direct a horse by distraction to veer the horse in the direction the rider intends when the boot’s spur doesn’t work. That’s the part of the picture nobody wants to research. A quick call to any horse breeder would have cleared up this issue very quickly.  

Jen Psaki said that the apparent use of whips on Haitian immigrants was brutal and inappropriate, but she didn’t mention anything about her past knowledge of horses. At William and Mary College, Jen Psaki was the college tour guide. To guide students around the college, you would expect the tour guide to know where the equestrian club was, right? And while touring the equestrian club, that individual would probably be exposed to horses over and over.  

In addition to Psaki’s comment, Secretary Mayorkas commented to Congress, saying, “We will pull no punches” and “the facts will drive the actions we take,” as if any Border Patrol agent did anything wrong.  

It is why police departments across the nation fail to keep officers on the streets, and Border Patrol agents are quitting. Border Patrol agents have been charged with crimes they didn’t commit, and so have police officers. The federal government may charge this agent with a crime for public perception even though he didn’t commit a crime. That’s the game that the Democrats are playing right now. They want to please the public, and they won’t back down even when they get struck down in court. They don’t care about facts.  

Mayorkas knows what happened. There’s no way he went into a Congressional hearing with little to no facts about what happened. Mayorkas wanted to put out the perception that the authorities at the border are abusing illegal immigrants so that people will have a soft spot for the Haitians.  

This issue was talked about a few months ago when Haiti was in absolute chaos. The federal government refused to give Haitians and Cubans refugees in the United States while Mexican immigrants flooded the southern border. The determination was that Haitians were likely to vote for a Republican rather than a Democrat. That’s the reason Haitians are being turned away, and Mexican immigrants aren’t. Mexican immigrants tend to vote Democrat.  

When Democrats can’t name an action that describes their narrative, they use words to demonize something. It happened with the January 6th “insurrection” and “election misinformation.” If the last year and a half have shown us anything, conspiracy is the only conspiracy until facts come out.