Second Thoughts: The Democrats Have A Few

The left has two choices, take up for President Joe Biden or keep quiet. It seems to be split down the middle with the specific reactions, but poll numbers are still obvious that people regret their decision.

It might be a good thing. The 2020 election has shown everyone what the new Democrat party is about. Their radical views and blunders along the way make them appear to be the freshman class of politicians. Their real downfall is how much they take up for each other. At least on the Republican side, politicians will call each other out when they’re wrong or becoming too “woke.”

The first clue that Democrats were going to change their mind was gas prices. After the Keystone XL pipeline was shut down and Biden started importing oil again, gas prices began to rise, and they haven’t stopped. Adding $1 per gallon might now seem that bad, but gas is currently up 134% from January ($2.42 per gallon) to August ($3.25 per gallon), according to U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Now, you might say that gas prices rise in the summer and fall in the winter, but according to the graph, gas prices haven’t been this high in the summer in years, it stayed almost the same price. That can be attributed to the United States becoming more energy independent. People think that we’re making steps toward fighting climate change because the United States doesn’t have their oil refineries, but that’s incorrect. It’s more harmful to the world when oil is imported rather than produced in the U.S.

Nobody can be for sure why Biden decided to back down from oil, but next, we have Afghanistan. Everyone cheered as Biden continued the United States was withdrawing from Afghanistan, which was a bi-partisan agreement. The expectation was that Biden would start by September 11th, 2021, and everyone was safe to leave, and the Afghan military would continue to fight off the Taliban. That’s not what happened. Americans are still stranded, and the Taliban has $83 billion worth of U.S. military equipment.

On top of that, the U.S. gave the Taliban names of people trying to leave Afghanistan. Like a ticket booth at a carnival, the Taliban were expected to be gatekeepers for freedom. Then the Taliban went around and beat and killed many U.S. allies and continue to do it today.

There must be some redeeming qualities to Biden. Oh, the eviction moratorium, where he’s trying to skate around the Supreme Court’s decision to stop it? When did the American people put the Center for Disease Control in charge of governmental policy?? Not a pretty redeeming quality.

Then there’s the southern border. Biden indeed made sure to do the right thing. Again, no. Biden reversed many of the policies former President Donald Trump put in place and stopped the border wall construction. Then the Supreme Court came in and forced Biden to reinstate the “remain in Mexico” policy.

Democrats have to start being honest with themselves. Instead of outwardly projecting this new age, woke, social justice warrior mindset, they have to look internally and be realistic. The U.S. doesn’t have an unlimited supply of money, we can’t rely on other countries for imports, and people’s feelings aren’t more important than reality. Each step the Democrats have taken has pushed the U.S. further down the scale of world leaders.

The top military officials are riding Biden’s coat tail by instituting critical race theory in military training. Afghans are entering the United States that aren’t Special Immigrant Visa holders, green card holders, and nobody knows who they are.

The priorities that Biden has will be his downfall. Policy always follows preference, and America isn’t at the top of Biden’s priority lists.