Secretary Of Defense: Says He Don’t Have The Capability To Escort Stranded Americans To Kabul Airport

The U.S. Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, while elaborating upon the crisis at Kabul airport explained that the locally deployed American troops are currently making all possible efforts to evacuate American citizens stuck in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. However, the U.S. military’s rescue operation is pretty limited to the premises of the Kabul airport, as large troops of Afghanis looking to escape the state are blocking the entrances to the airport. Austin, in his speech, reassured the public that the U.S. Army would continue to make rescue efforts to all extents possible with their current capabilities.

This critical situation can be described as merely a consequence of Biden’s irresponsible and short-sided decision to withdraw the U.S. troops from Afghanistan before 31st August, which was a temporary deadline. But Austin, in response to such claims in his speech, further consoled the masses by reassuring them that the Army will continue to work to evacuate U.S. citizens from Afghanistan. But a major obstacle in this rescue operation is that it is difficult for American citizens to reach the Kabul airport as they might have to cross many Taliban-operated checkpoints on their way. But recent reports on the subject project that the Taliban militants are only allowing U.S. citizens and people with properly completed documentation to enter the premises of Kabul airport.

But the dilemma is that the Taliban continue to prevent Afghans, who are eligible for special visas to the U.S, from leaving the country. But as hundreds of Afghanis looking to escape the country flood the entrance points to the airports, the U.S. government continues to remain inefficient in aiding the evacuation of U.S. citizens.

The situation at Kabul airport is dire, as poor crowd control and force against Afghans flocking the airport entrances continue. Many are injured in this clash, and the Afghans are left so helpless that women throwing their babies over the barbed wire surrounding the premises of the airport have also been reported. But as the crisis continues, it seems that the U.S. president is looking for ways to avoid the reality, as his stay at Camp David suggests how he might be confused as to how this situation unfolded.