Sen Josh Hawley Calls for a United Front

Hawley Calls for UNITY

Sen. Josh Hawley delivered a speech on Friday calling for a reintroduction of Christianity to “its premier pride-of-place in our national life” and lamenting that the “trans flag” is put above federal buildings.

Just last week, the American political elite and commentariat were up in arms about a new Louisiana law that orders schools to post the Ten Commandments as they appear on the pages of the Bible. During The Faith & Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority Policy Conference, Hawley said that Christian faith should be at the heart of American culture and in the schoolroom instead of our editorials for LGTBQ identity politics.

Hawley then launched into a fiery speech about religion being something that “doesn’t divide America; “it unites America; “what is dividing America is their attack on our heritage, their attack on the foundations this country was founded on, yes, as my good friend here from Missouri said, the Bible.”

He made that claim this week in a speech to a conservative conference: “The radical Left, who is dividing America. When everything is said and done, I say to you, we don’t need less influence from Christ in our society, we don’t need less witness from Christ in our society but more of this all around every strata of government as well as …every section of society.’

He went on to say that the American people should get pride flags out of schools and bring back the Bible. In addition, Hawley wants to take the trans flag off of federal buildings and put back our tried and true nationwide slogan, “In God We Trust.”  

But as Hawley notes, America has had that “In God we trust” national motto since the 1950s, dating back to the days when they were even more openly aligned with God than today’s Republicans are.

Hawley also mused about what America would be like if these tough Christian leaders had run the nation’s largest companies and put “America first.”

“Yeah, and I will tell you what else we need… Christians leading in business, CEOs that are Christians,” he said. ‘What are all these corporate CEOs doing?” Jeffries railed: “They’re hiring these DEI agents, and at the same time, weren’t they shipping our jobs overseas, eviscerating this country [and] killing our jobs (billions of people in an outbreak) and killing our families?”

Hawley will be running for re-election in November to a second six-year term in the Senate. He narrowly defeated Democrat Claire McCaskill in 2018 – his first election.