Sen. Rubio Pushes Bill Preventing Tax Cuts For Abortion Costs

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) claims corporate elites have gone utterly crazy by wanting to pay for employees’ abortions or provide financing for gender-affirming care for the children of their employees. In response, he has filed legislation that will not allow corporate activism to be subsidized by the taxpayers.

On Tuesday, Rubio put forward the “No Tax Breaks for Radical Corporate Activism Act.” This bill would restrict companies and employers from deducting abortion travel costs and medical costs for gender-reaffirming care for the children of employees.

Recently, companies like Yelp, Citigroup, Amazon, and others have introduced new employee abortion benefits schemes and this bill will prohibit them from doing so.

According to federal tax law, corporations can deduct particular expenses that are essential for operating the business. These expenses can include employee healthcare, medical expenses, and some other benefits. Rubio’s legislation will restrict the businesses from receiving reimbursements for expenses such as gender transition procedures for employees’ children and travel costs for employees’ abortions.

He believes the tax code should promote life and family culture. Instead, woke corporations are using loopholes to finance the killing of unborn babies and horrific medical procedures on children.

Many states are anticipating that the U.S. Supreme Court will probably overturn Roe vs. Wade, correction the poorly reasoned 1973 decision that made abortion a constitutional right. This has caused many pro-life lawmakers to push bills banning or restricting abortions. It is believed that once this decision is overturned, around 26 states will ban or restrict abortions.

In response to these tensions, many companies have came forward to include abortion travel costs in their medical benefits given to employees. On Monday, Amazon offered to pay up to $4000 yearly to any employee who is pregant and had to travel more than 100 miles to get an abortion.

Similarly, Disney offered to pay for gender transition costs for the children of Disney’s employees. However, in a Newsweek op-ed, Rubio commented on these actions facilitating “abortion tourism” and criticized them.

He believed that the left was getting out of hand, and the current laws in the U.S. continue to enable it. He stated that although the tax code offers compensation for certain medical expenses, it does nothing to exclude abortion or gender reassignment from them.

He also added that a change is needed so that businesses stop getting tax breaks for the left-wing’s woke agenda.