Senator Ted Cruz: Durham Filings Are Much “Bigger Than Watergate” If True

The recent court filings from Special Counsel John Durham have sparked new controversy surrounding the potentially illegal activities of the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign and its connections to intelligence agencies and federal espionage court filings. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said over the weekend that if the facts set out in Durham’s papers are actual, the situation is much worse than the Watergate scandal that sank the Nixon presidency.

Cruz appeared on “Fox News Sunday” this weekend and said the filings are “deeply concerning.” He characterized the filings as allegations that a Clinton campaign lawyer entered into a conspiracy with an executive with a big tech company to monitor communications and spy on Donald Trump and his campaign offices.

The spying allegedly continued beyond the 2016 election cycle and went into the White House after Trump. Known acts of domestic spying on a sitting President would be unprecedented.

Cruz pointed out President Trump’s previous comments to the media that indicated he believed Democrats were spying on him and the way that in response, the “media collectively laughed at him.” Cruz added that he believes what Durham has said is accurate and that Trump was “absolutely right.”

Cruz went on to say that if Hillary Clinton and her campaign are “complicit with this,” the situation Durham described is a “lot bigger than Watergate.” He pointed out that Watergate resulted in people going to jail and said that the people who spied on Trump “need to go to jail if these allegations are true.”

In a speech last week to the New York State Democratic Convention, Hillary Clinton accused Fox News of lying in an attempt to “spread disinformation” about the Durham probe into her campaign. She referred to the reports about Durham’s court filings as “culture war nonsense” and a “new right-wing lie on Fox or Facebook.” She added that it is “funny” how the “conspiracy theories” about her grow when Trump “gets into more trouble.”

Clinton went on to say that media reports by Fox News and others were “getting close to actual malice.” That statement was an apparent hint that she believes that reporting her activities should be legally actionable.

There is no public timetable for any additional findings or indictments from the Durham probe, as the special counsel has been highly ethical about not leaking information to the media.