Sinema Preparing For More Harassment From Radical Leftists

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) has been drawing negative attention from radical leftists lately over her positions on illegal immigration. Joe Biden’s $3.5 trillion proposed budget reconciliation spending bill is currently stalled out in Congress. It looks like the crazies are nowhere near through harassing her for not jumping in line with the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

One Revolution is an activist group of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) disciples dedicated to converting America into an utterly socialist nation. Executive Director Joseph Geevarghese has pledged that they intend to make Sinema’s life unpleasant. He said that the organization is “committed to bird-dogging” Sinema “until the very end.” 

For his part, Sanders has refused to condemn or distance himself from the treatment that Sinema has recently received, including her being followed into a public restroom and videoed even as she entered a private stall.

Sinema has also been harassed while traveling through airports, with one activist even buying a ticket to harass her while in the air. She has been hassled in the street in Washington and tailed to the Boston Marathon.

Despite the stalking and intimidation efforts, Sinema has remained steadfast in her positions. She said that she has made the White House perfectly aware of what she’s willing and not willing to do, adding that she is “not mysterious” and “they just don’t like what they’re hearing.”

Sinema has also met directly with LUCHA, whose members are the ones who followed her into the restroom. It is not that she hasn’t told them where she stands. It’s that they don’t want to hear it.

Aside from potential legal reasons why the harassment of Sinema is not productive, it stands to reason that it will not change her mind. She has said that such behavior is “not a legitimate protest” and that it is unacceptable for activist organizations to put their members at risk of committing crimes when entering closed buildings, trespassing, and “filming students in a restroom.”

Sinema’s stalkers will have a more difficult time chasing her now that Congress is on a break. She is traveling in Europe and has not made her itinerary public. The media and left-wing loafers will have to spend some substantial time and money on a wasted effort to intimidate her, at least for a few days.