Single Adult Illegal Immigrants Reported To Be “Processed” For Air Transport Into The US

Fox News reporter Bill Melugin has reported a story that most Americans would consider important news about the border crisis over the last few days. Unsurprisingly, the corporate media is showing virtually no interest.

Video has been captured showing large numbers of single adult male illegal immigrants being released from custody by federal agents. They have been shown being taken to an unmarked office in a parking facility in Brownsville, Texas, for some processing. They are being transported from there by taxis to airports, from which they are flying out to various cities inside the US.

Buses contracted with the federal government dropped dozens of almost all male illegals at the parking garage. Black tarps are draped near the drop-off locations, apparently obscuring travelers from public view. There is also a sign at the location reading “Border Patrol drop-off.”

After the illegals were inside the office for a short time, they exited to the board, waiting for taxis. Melugin reported that upon following some of the taxis, they took the migrants to Harlingen Airport not far from the parking garage. He also said no families or children were part of the convoy.

Some of the migrants told Melugin that they had just illegally crossed the border into Texas the same morning, having paid around $2,000 each to Mexican cartel smugglers. They reported flying out to several US cities, including Miami, Atlanta, and Houston.

Melugin reported on Wednesday that it had been determined that illegals were also being transported by bus to the San Antonio airport to take flights to locations inside the country.

Brownsville city officials told Melugin that it had facilitated the transfer of migrants with assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The city added that migrants could contact NGO’s family members or call taxis. It also confirmed that the parking garage is a city facility used as a “staging area” where the illegals are given travel information regarding their “transfer” to a final US destination.

Meanwhile, US Customs and Border Protection told Fox News that it was not involved in the release of the illegals. A source with ICE told reporters that ICE believed the Brownsville operation was conducted.