Social Media Users Dunk On Failed COVID-19 Policies

Many Americans can remember heavy-handed COVID-19 policies that were put in place under the guise of defeating the virus. Shelter-in-place orders, mask mandates, social distancing, and vaccine mandates are just a few examples.

As it turns out, these measures did not end COVID-19. Even after multiple vaccines and booster shots, there are still people to this day getting sick from the virus and experiencing symptoms.

COVID-19 policies did not meet the expectations that health officials said they would. However, they certainly had negative impacts on society and mental health across the nation.

Now, Americans are weighing in on some of the standouts.

Dunking on Pandemic Policies
On Twitter, musician Zuby started a thread, asking people to weigh in on some of the most ridiculous COVID-19 policies they were forced to put up with. The responses are sobering, yet very telling.

Some people shared reports of individuals being arrested for paddleboarding or otherwise engaging in outdoor activities by themselves. Others reacted to Zuby’s thread by mentioning how children’s development was hurt by social distancing and having to see people with masks on.

The thread likewise featured the dangerous consequences of pandemic policies being called out. To this day, many kids who fell behind in education and psychological development are not yet caught up.

Some business owners also completely lost their livelihoods due to lockdowns. Responders to Zuby’s thread brought awareness to cases like this, along with the aftermath of folks trying to rebuild their lives.

Holding “The Experts” Accountable
As Twitter users responded to Zuby’s thread, he added another tweet that called out “the experts” for getting things wrong on COVID-19. While some experts have now tried to walk back parts of their previous recommendations, the damage has already been done.

This led to another theme that Twitter users brought up when responding to Zuby. In 2020 and 2021, both the experts and political leaders who backed them were caught breaking their own recommendations on numerous occasions.

The “rules for thee, but not for me” attitude of officials breaking their own guidelines has not gone over well with the public. Though with Republicans taking back control of the House, Americans can expect more in-depth investigations into how COVID-19 was handled.