Stacey Abrams is Trashing Georgia While Running For Georgia Governor

The state of Georgia is one of multiple states with governor’s races happening this year. Whether or not a state is red or blue has monumental impacts on the lives of its residents; that’s become more than apparent over the past two years.

Back in 2018, Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams ran for the governor’s seat. She did not win the election; yet, she also never conceded.

With the governorship again up for grabs, Abrams has thrown her hat into the ring once more. Yet, in spite of Abrams’ apparent interest in being Georgia’s governor, her latest comments demonstrate a certain loathing for the state.

Abrams on Life in Georgia
During a Norcross event for Georgia Democrats, Abrams clearly sounded off on what she thinks about the state.

According to the gubernatorial candidate, the Peach State just so happens to be “the worst” place in the United States for folks to live. Abrams made this comment while simultaneously mentioning her annoyance with hearing about what a great business state Georgia is.

Later, during the event in Norcross, Abrams explained what she believes is necessary for Georgia to be “great.” The Democratic candidate said Georgia could do with some improvements to its maternal mortality rate, wages, incarceration rate, and mental health.

Abrams also lamented the lack of “greatness” that exists in the Georgia governor’s mansion.

Despite Abrams trashing Georgia as “the worst state” for anyone to live in America, she owns two different homes there.

Another Failed Run For Governor?
Polling has shown that Abrams’ run for governor this year could very well go the same way as her 2018 campaign.

So far, the two top Republicans in line for the Georgia GOP nomination are incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp (R) and former Sen. David Perdue. Polls show that in either one-on-one match, Abrams would fall short in a general election, thus preventing her from becoming the state’s governor.

Early voting is another strong indicator of possible failure for Abrams this year. Thus far, GOP early voting levels in Georgia are far outweighing early voting from Democrats.

This ironically comes after the enactment of a recent Georgia election integrity bill that Democrats slandered as racist and reminiscent of the Jim Crow era.

As a Democrat, Abrams also remains politically tied to a president who carries a national approval rating of 39%. Between crime, inflation, and other issues facing the country, many Americans are altogether tired of Democrats.