Steve Gallon III Blames Affiliate National School Board Association Members For Millions In Loss

State school boards who are affiliated with the National School Board Associated have been splitting with the national agency after it was discovered that United States Attorney General Merrick Garland used a letter from a school board group that the White House assisted them with to use the Federal Bureau of Investigations to investigate parents at school board meetings and call them “domestic terrorists.”

It’s alarming that when parents push back against racial programs like Critical Race Theory, they get investigated. Still, it’s acceptable for a school to go for transgender bathrooms so hard that they cover up a physical assault by a “transgender” student to make sure the public perception was where they wanted it to be. Now the left is confused at why Glenn Youngkin (R-Va.) won the governor spot in Virginia? Come on.

Seventeen affiliates have left the National School Board Association, and Axios reported, “The 18 state affiliates accounted for more than 40% of annual dues paid to NSBA by its state association members in 2019, according to Axios’ analysis. Of documents detailing those contributions.”

The COVID-19 vaccines are just at the forefront of school board considerations as they’re now under emergency use authorization for children 5-11-years old. Though they shouldn’t even be considered, it’s interesting that their funding has been lost as the consideration comes up.

Steve Gallon III wrote that the school board affiliates leaving “has weakened a national voice for public education.”

Good. What is the point of a National School Board Association if each state has different laws and each district has different needs?

Gallon also wrote that it “has caused further devastation to the already dangerously fragile financial position of NSBA in the loss of revenue in the millions.”

He has had his fair share of controversies. After hiring two Miami, Florida colleagues who didn’t meet the position’s requirements at $100,000 salaries, he got into more criminal activity in New Jersey. reported, “following the certification issue, Gallon, Kelly, and Angela Kemp, his third assistant from Miami, were charged with stealing more than $10,000 worth of education services, according to a press release from the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office, which filed charges in May 2010.”

Gallon is all about the money regarding the NSBA loss of affiliate money. He’s a piece of garbage that should have never been eligible for running for office due to his past discrepancies.