Strong Swing State Poll For Trump

Former President Donald Trump is leading President Joe Biden on a number of issues among voters in swing states who will likely decide the 2024 election. The polling result comes as Trump received a number of positive survey results in recent weeks.

The recent Cook Political Report found that 60% of voters in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin disapproved of Biden’s record on the economy. This figure includes 45% who strongly disapproved. Only 40% approve of Biden’s performance on economic issues.

This contrasts with 62% who approve of how Trump handled the economy during his tenure, with 41% strongly approving. Only 38% disapproved of his performance.

About three quarters of swing-state voters said that economic issues such as inflation and the cost of living were the most important to them

In addition to the positive news from the swing state surveys, Trump has also drawn closer in a number of states that traditionally vote for Democrats. Trump gained significantly in recent polls in Washington, New York and Minnesota.

In addition, the former president held two successful rallies in New York and New Jersey earlier this month. Trump promised he would win New Jersey and said that his campaign would make a serious push for New York. He made a similar pledge while speaking to the Minnesota Republican Party’s Lincoln-Reagan Dinner.

The former president has remained ahead of Biden in many national and swing state polls. The recent poll result above is not isolated, and Trump has led in nearly every swing state in recent months.

Furthermore, Trump has a particular advantage in national polling. His numbers have increased while Biden’s support remains low. The current president has registered one of the lowest approval ratings in recent history.

Trump has also remained ahead of Biden on a number of other issues. When Americans are asked about which candidate they saw as healthier, a large majority chose Trump. Furthermore, many Americans doubt Biden’s physical and mental ability to serve another term.