Students Turn Back On Biden During Speech

Students at a college graduation ceremony turned their backs to President Joe Biden amid wider concerns about his administration this weekend. The incident came amid a number of other student protests, including at a number of recent graduations.

The president’s commencement address took place Sunday at Morehouse College, a historically Black college. Photos from the event saw some students turning their backs to the president. One of the students had a Palestinian scarf on.

Several other students and members of the faculty were wearing the scarves.

In some ways, the president’s speech was standard for a Democratic Party candidate during an election year. He asked students “What is democracy?” and discussed a number of racial issues.

He spoke about recent events, including the death of George Floyd, and spoke of a racial “reckoning.”

His comments received some applause from the packed crowd Sunday.

Biden did mention the current war in the Middle East during the event, calling Hamas’ attack that killed about 1,200 people “vicious” while also talking about the “humanitarian crisis in Gaza.” He also spoke about an “immediate ceasefire” and appeared to support protesters.

“I support peaceful, non-violent protest. Your voices should be heard. And I promise you, I hear them,” Biden said.

The college’s valedictorian also called for an “immediate and permanent ceasefire” amid the conflict in Gaza.

The Morehouse incident last week was not the only one recently. Students interrupted a college graduation in Michigan carrying pro-Palestinian messages and flags. Demonstrators also disrupted the recent graduation at Berkeley.

In addition, about 60 students walked out during the graduation speech given by comedian Jerry Seinfeld. While Seinfeld’s politics have been largely quiet and left-of-center, he recently blamed ‘woke’ people for ruining comedy.

In addition, Biden made the speech amid dropping approval ratings among Black Americans. In addition, former President Donald Trump appears to be gaining among the demographic. Polls indicate that many Black voters may either stay home, vote for Trump or vote for an independent candidate.