Suicide Rates in the Military Hits Record High

When men and women enlist in the United States military, they do so to protect the rights, freedoms, and liberties of America.

Unfortunately, despite the great service of men and women in uniform, they’re increasingly coming under attack here at home. This wasn’t the case when former President Trump was in office; however, under the Biden administration, things have gotten worse for the military.

With Biden’s stamp of approval, the federal government has been trying to bully servicemembers into taking COVID vaccines that do not thwart COVID spread or sickness. Multiple military members who refused have already been booted out of service.

To make matters even worse, it’s since been revealed that suicide rates in the military are higher than they’ve been since 1938, especially amongst female members.

What to Know About Rates of Suicide in the US Military
Since the attacks on September 11, 2001, about 30,000 members of the military committed suicide. A Brown University study also reveals that about 7,000 service members in uniform lost their lives while going through training programs or combat.

According to the Defense Department, 7% of female service members ended up taking their own lives in 2020. This marks a 3% increase since 2010. For every six military members, about one of them is a woman.

Considering the rates of suicide amongst female military members, there have been renewed conversations about mental health. Officials maintain that issues like sexual assault and trauma combat play a role in female service members committing suicide.

Some women in the military have been able to later seek counseling and mental health support. Although, this would need to become significantly more common in order to lower the currently documented suicide rates.

A Critical Issue For the Biden Administration
Instead of pushing the military to take COVID vaccines against their will, the White House could just as easily be working to bring down military suicide rates.

If issues leading to suicide in the military continue, it will eventually be harder to get more people to sign up for service. Naturally, a depletion in the US military would threaten America’s national defense.

On top of that, a smaller, weaker military would send a horrible message to America’s enemies, such as Russia and China.

With these latest updates on military suicide rates, both the Biden administration and congressional lawmakers will have to determine where their priorities lie.