Sunak Outraged Over Betting Allegations

Sunak’s Anger Over ILLEGAL Bets

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak walked into Downing Street for a press conference on December 2, 2020. He said he was “furious” to hear that some politicians were reportedly making bets on when the UK General Election would be held and that within the Conservative Party, “anyone found to have traded internal knowledge was about to make a killing, was ‘absolutely out, out of my party.’”

So, too, has the opposition Labour Party. Until now, it appeared almost certain that Britain would head to the polls on July 4, 2024, with the government running neck-and-neck with a diminished Conservative party.

Sunak aid Craig Williams and Tory candidate Laura Saunders, the husband of Conservative Director of Campaigning, are being probed over alleged betting/financial offenses.

Last week, British Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak said any special-interest groups using inside information to bet on the exact date of Britain’s next general election on July 4 should be banned from his Conservative Party.

When asked by the BBC what MPs were gambling on, Sunak said, “Getting a date right. If they had been engaging in beating, then they need to be banned from Parliament.”

He added: “The proper law enforcement authorities should fully investigate them. She said: “If anyone has not respected the rules, they should be prosecuted and, if it is a member of our party, lose their membership.”

Sunak was placed in an awkward situation — his Conservative Party lags behind the main opposition, the Labour Party, by as many as 20 points in some polls ahead of the vote, which is two weeks out from Thursday’s general election. “If anyone is betting, then of course, I’m opposed to that,” said Michael Gove, the minister for housing, when asked minutes earlier on BBC TV whether he knew about reports in other media that a second Conservative candidate was also under investigation. “I can’t, though, get involved in the imbroglio of a particular case while there is an ongoing investigation, etc.,” Gove said. “However, I can talk about the general principle, and you are correct; it is disgusting.”

Sunak aid Craig Williams, running for reelection to parliament, last week revealed he is facing questioning by the Gambling Commission after wagering 100 pounds on a July election – when the exact date for the vote wasn’t known.