Superintendents And School Boards That Enforce Mandates May Lose Their Salaries

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has plenty of options available to him. If Former President Donald Trump runs for office, there’s a good possibility that DeSantis would run as Trump’s vice president.

DeSantis has a way of ruining President Joe Biden, and he’s done that very well with schools across the state. DeSantis has allowed parents and children in Florida to choose to wear masks or the COVID-19 vaccine.

The Governor’s Office said, “Education funding is intended to benefit students first and foremost, not systems. The Governor’s priorities are protecting parents’ rights and ensuring that every student has access to a high-quality education that meets their unique needs.”

There’s also a fear from the National School Board Association (NSBA), who’s losing millions of dollars after 17 of their chapters left, according to records presented during a Florida NSBA.

Not only is the NSBA losing money, but the Governor’s Office said that they might withhold salaries of public-school officials if they enforce any mandates on students in the state of Florida, which should be a sign to other governors across the country to act in the same way. Governors are responsible to their constituents to protect their freedoms rather than mandate anything.

Miami-Dade Superintendent Alberto Carvalho responded by saying, “We have devised a procedure that necessitates collaboration with specialists in public health and medicine. We will stick to this approach, which has worked well for us, and then make a final choice.”

Carvalho also stated that his salary would have no bearing on his choice and that it would be “a little price to pay given the gravity of the situation and the potential impact on the health and well-being of our students and committed workers.”

Carvalho makes $110,000 per year, and it’s unlikely that he would give up on his 4-year promise of $440,000. Carvalho will cave under pressure and follow orders from DeSantis. That will prove that Carvalho either doesn’t stand by his principles or believes that mandates work and wants to recoil the Democrat party.

Though Florida has a high number of cases, Omicron is very mild, and people can take matters into their own hands with masks and early treatment if they feel that they want to.

There’s a real threat in the United States that if you try to take away freedoms from citizens, there could be lasting repercussions for anyone who decides to take that away. It’s nice to see that there will be accountability for people in places of power.