‘Supreme Court Divided’: Biden Commission Gives Surprising News On-Court Expansion

The one question that was looming was President Joe Biden’s plans to pack the court. Suspicions of adding more Supreme Court Justice’s during Biden’s presidency were asked during the debates, and Biden wouldn’t give a direct answer. An independent commission formed by Joe Biden to evaluate whether or not the proposal was a good one was unveiled earlier this year, and the findings aren’t what you might expect.

The Supreme Court is currently 6-3 Republican-Democrat, and adding four more justices during the Biden administration would give the Democrat party a 7-6 majority. It’s not a good idea. This decision would ensure that Republicans could add the Supreme Court, and the infinite additions would continue until one party stopped the nonsense.  

Biden wants to add in extreme liberal justices that would sway the judicial process in the Democrat’s direction. Gun laws, mandates, lockdowns, and other leftist measures have been thrown into local federal courts, but so far, the Supreme Court hasn’t gotten a chance to rule on many of the issues lately.  

Biden’s commission comprises law professors, Constitutional scholars, and former judges who have been considering the options of adding more justices.  

In the past, Biden has been for and against packing the court as a Senate. He said that former President Franklin D. Roosevelt had the right to pack the court and broke no laws, but it was a “bonehead idea.”  

In 1869 the Supreme court was adjusted to 9 and hadn’t been adjusted since.  

According to USA Today, the commission is divided. They made an argument for court-packing and against it and suggested term limits along with their determination.  

The report said, “The risks of court expansion are considerable, including that it could undermine the very goal of some of its proponents of restoring the court’s legitimacy.” Not many people will genuinely respect the findings of the Supreme Court if it’s done in political malice.  

The report also said, “If the country and the political system were to be embroiled in repeated fights over court expansion, that alone could harm the Supreme Court’s public reputation.” 

It is a “risk versus reward” situation that Biden is playing with. We all know his administration is finding a way to spin it toward his personal view of expanding the court, and it will be no time before Biden’s administration decides on the matter.  

The commission suggested an 18-year term limit that would regulate when justices would be circulated, which seems reasonable, but maybe too long. That would be 4.5 presidential election terms that a single justice would serve and maybe too many depending on the seniority span of the justices already in place.