Supreme Court Has Ruled Against More Gun Control

The gun control movement has been having a rough time lately. Since Biden’s time in office, multiple states have passed constitutional carry laws. This comes on top of a documented rise in gun ownership and applications for concealed carry permits.

Just last month, the United States Supreme Court ruled that “may issue” concealed carry laws are not constitutional. In the verdict, the court explained there are no constitutional rights that demand someone to display to the government a need to exercise these rights.

Now, the Supreme Court has given the gun control movement yet another loss. This time, the ruling in question deals with bans against semi-automatic rifles, capacity magazines of a standard nature, and concealed carry.

More Wins For the Gun Rights Movement
Prior to the Supreme Court’s decision, lower courts actually upheld the bans against concealed carry, standard capacity magazines, and semi-automatic rifles. However, with a new verdict from the highest court in the land, the gun rights movement released a critical statement.

The National Association For Gun Rights vowed that in light of this verdict, it will work tirelessly to ensure that states abide by the Supreme Court’s ruling.

Furthermore, the pro-gun organization stressed that states in opposition to gun rights are ultimately standing against the Bill of Rights and the Constitution itself.

States that are most impacted by the Supreme Court’s verdict are Hawaii, California, New Jersey, and Maryland. This ruling officially passed on Thursday, June 30, 2022.

What Comes Next?
With these blanket anti-gun regulations ruled as unlawful by the Supreme Court, lawmakers in the affected states can begin the processes of overturning, repealing, and ultimately replacing them.

This is work that multiple gun rights groups have said they’ll be joining forces with lawmakers to achieve.

With major wins for the gun rights movement having passed recently, Americans can also expect to see greater pushback from gun control supporters.

Just recently, New York State approved legislation that demands conceal carry permit applicants to turn over their social media pages to the government for review. However, there are debates about the legality of such a measure and whether or not it would hold up in court.