Survey: 67% Of Americans Now Support Border Wall

Almost two years after Joe Biden assumed office, a new survey shows that more Americans than ever support a wall on the country’s southern border to help limit illegal migration, and the number is growing.

The new poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports and NumbersUSA indicates that 67% of American adults favor additional wall construction and maintenance. Even 49% of self-identified Democratic voters agreed that extra wall security is necessary.

The poll also asked respondents about their opinion of the federal E-Verify system. It is designed to allow U.S. employers who enroll to confirm the eligibility of potential employees to work legally inside the country. Of those polled, 69% favor making E-Verify mandatory for all private employers to help prevent illegal migrants from taking jobs in America.

NumbersUSA Vice President of Operations Jim Robb said the “polling is remarkable.” He said the results show that a substantial majority of voters of “every type, party, and ideology” believe immigration is out of control under the watch of the Biden administration.

When asked if the border crisis is a “big problem,” 60% agreed that it is and that the policies of the last two years have been disastrous.

Even though voters were clear that the border is important to them, only 15% said the situation at the border was their “sole reason” for voting for any particular candidate last month. Republicans around the nation ran their campaigns with a laser focus on the border crisis. Still, they did not see the “red wave” many anticipated materialize.

Biden immediately halted construction of the border wall begun by President Donald Trump when he was seated in the White House in January 2021. His administration has also enacted several policy changes that have made it much more difficult for federal and state law enforcement officers to send illegal migrants back to Mexico or to hold them in detention while waiting for an amnesty hearing in federal court.

Biden is just now bringing the COVID-19 border measures to an end. As a result, experts believe that a new surge of even greater numbers of illegal migrants from around the globe will come to Mexico to enter the U.S.

In the fiscal year 2022 that ended in September, a record 2.4 million illegal migrants were apprehended by law enforcement officers along the southern border.