Swalwell Fails At Relationships And Comebacks, While Ted Cruz Triumphs

Representative and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Eric Swalwell (D-CA) will never be able to forget that he had a relationship with a Chinese Operative known as “Fang Fang.” That’s a good thing because voters shouldn’t forget either. It’s important to note that he was allowed to stay on the intelligence committee even after the relationship. 

After Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) said that Liz Cheney (R-WY) has a future in the Democrat Party, Swalwell took the opportunity to go after Cruz. Cheney responded, and Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) did as well. It got worse for Swalwell. 

Kinzinger said, “Damn, son, Liz brought the heat on you!” Kinzinger responded to Cheney’s tweet that said that the Republican Party, her party, saved the Union, etc. 

Cruz fired back by saying, “These two need to hurry up and get their bottom-rated @msnbc show” and tagged Kinzinger and Cheney.

And Swalwell couldn’t help himself and got himself involved by saying, “Adam, if you want @tedcruz’s support, you’re going to have to attack his wife.”

Generally, when someone attacks another, the insult either makes a good point or shows weakness in their own lives. It’s the second option here. 

Swalwell couldn’t run from the hate after he responded and should probably stay out of fights he can’t win. One user said, “If you want Eric’s support, you have to sleep with a Chinese spy” and posted a picture of Swalwell with his Chinese spy ex-girlfriend, Fang Fang.

We all saw the response coming. 

The truth is, Swalwell is opening up the responses because he’s weak. He can’t go after anything else and crouches down to the lowest arguments because his fundamental political view isn’t popular. If he wants to move up politically, he’s got to be more honest with the public and realize that a Chinese spy compromised him. He must voluntarily step down from the intelligence committee and move on somewhere else in politics to continue getting elected.