Symone Sanders ‘Fails At Her Job’ And ‘Gets Hired’ At MSNBC

Vice President Kamala Harris is so bad at her job that her spokesperson has left and will be a media personality with two shows. That couldn’t possibly be a special privilege, could it?

Symone Sanders couldn’t figure out how to advise the VP and caused a lot of waves when Harris went on Charlamagne Tha God’s Podcast to speak to him about the country. When Charlamagne asked who the real President was, President Joe Biden or Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), Sanders panicked and acted as a connection issue. At the same time, Harris looked at her with little puppy dog eyes because she didn’t know what to say. Then, Harris got “really stern” and put her finger out to make sure everyone knew she was super serious.

Sanders is a failed political strategist. Before advising Harris, Sanders was the spokesperson for Senator Bernie Sanders, who has failed at his attempts to be the President of the United States on several occasions, notably losing to Hillary Clinton somehow.

Not only will Sanders be hosting an MSNBC show, but also on the Peacock called The Choice, which is a political commentator show that allows the hosts to give their opinion on current news. What makes MSNBC think that Sanders can magically do this job if she couldn’t do her other jobs? Is she not good at political strategy? The estimation is that Sanders will likely embarrass herself.

Sanders chose MSNBC because they offered her an on-air spot even though other news networks wanted her to work for them. The secrets that Sanders holds could be a legit way to take down the Biden Administration, and it would be great if she could give some insight into why things are as bad as they are.

It’s also improbable that Sanders will physically assault someone or entice children to have intercourse like some CNN anchors, producers, and probably more staff. Mainstream media has become a breeding ground for physical assault.

No talent on the left exists other than the failed political personalities that are partially to blame for how the country is being run right now. Given that Sanders has a lot to do with the Biden Administration’s decisions, it’s safe to say that the show will go down in flames just as the current administration. There’s no doubt that MSNBC will regret this because they’re bringing on a spokesperson and political strategist from a VP with an approval rating of less than 30. God help us all.