Ted Cruz Releases New Book, ‘Justice Corrupted’

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) recently released his new book “Justice Corrupted: How The Left Weaponized Our Legal System,” and discussed the book with Mark Levin in the clip below:

Cruz detailed how the FBI was weaponized against Trump, what he was doing inside the Capitol building on January 6, and in general how democrats have used the Justice Department as a weapon for their own gain rather than an attempt to pursue justice.

One excerpt from the books reads, “Based on nothing more than this rumor, the FBI launched an operation to uncover any links between the Russian government and the Trump campaign. The investigation, which was code-named Crossfire Hurricane and led by James Comey and his hyper-partisan deputy, Andrew McCabe, also comprised several smaller investigations.”

The excerpt continues, “Almost as soon as they opened the investigation, McCabe and Comey authorized the use of spying. To do this, they needed to file an application with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, or FISA Court, making the case that the target of their investigation was worth the effort of wiretapping and intelligence gathering they were proposing. At first, when they attempted to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on Carter Page (a professor and foreign policy advisor loosely affiliated with the Trump campaign), the FISA Court came back and said that the evidence — or, rather, the lack of evidence — they had submitted was insufficient. So they went back to the FISA Court with the Steele Dossier. Thanks to the lurid accusations contained therein, they soon had warrants to spy on Carter Page. Crossfire Hurricane.”

The Steele dossier, of course, was proved to be nothing more than a hoax though it was the foundation for the FISA court ruling mentioned above.

Cruz also details what he was doing during the Jan. 6 riot. He was hiding in a supply closet after being told to evacuate the Senate floor. While he described the scene as chaotic and confusing, he also urged his colleagues to stay calm and collected.

“Several members of the group argued that in the face of the riot, we should suspend our objections and vote to certify the election. I understood the sentiment. But I vehemently disagreed with it. I urged my colleagues that the course of action we were advocating was the right and principled one,” the book states.

Even though Cruz was present in the Capitol during the riot, he was one of six republicans who voted against certifying the election results from Arizona and one of seven to oppose certifying the results from Pennsylvania.