Ted Cruz Sounds Alarmed About What Biden’s Doing With Illegal Aliens

Ted Cruz, a huge critic of the Democrat party and some Republicans, has had enough with the southern border crisis. Cruz, a Texas resident, and the senator said President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have caused the border crisis and aren’t doing anything to help.

Federal agents and local law enforcement need help secure the border, and throwing money at the problem won’t fix it. It’s probably made it worse. You’ve seen images of illegal immigrants with envelopes asking for help finding their flight and that they don’t speak English. Still, there’s also usually a federal agent escorting those individuals in airports. The decision to help illegal immigrants come into the United States has caused a surge of illegals that help. But guess what? It is paid for with our tax dollars. Your money has been taken from your bank account and placed in the hands of illegal immigrants. We weren’t consulted before the government took this step, and we can’t stop it, but you can bet we’ll pay the fine.

It’s like a terrible credit agency that bills you for your debt and the debt of others. And when they aren’t willing to pay for it, you have to. And if you don’t, you’ll go to prison. Democrats voted for these policies on November 3rd, 2020, and our representatives voted for them on January 6th, 2021.

Cruz has seen the border firsthand on many occasions and knows the difference in the facility management under Biden and Harris versus Donald Trump and Mike Pence. The overcrowding only began when Biden took office, with immigrants at the border wearing shirts with Joe Biden’s name and please let us in under it.

Ted Cruz went down to the border with 19 Senators not only to look at the facility but also to look at the condition of the border and see just how crazy it’s gotten. He said that 13% of illegal immigrants report to Immigration Control Enforcement when released. Imagine if that happened with other crimes. They were asking someone who committed fraud to report to the authorities when they were caught. How would that go?

As hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants enter the country spreading Covid-19 and continuing to commit a crime, locals are sick of it. Houses, vehicles, and businesses are getting broken into near the southern border. And when I say near, I mean within hundreds of miles. But these are peaceful people. Wrong.

Many are smuggled into the country in semi-trucks and other means and don’t report to Border Patrol because they have gang ties or previous illegal entry history. They know that if they’re caught again, all of them will just be sent right back, and while Border Patrol is busy with the illegal immigrants that are requesting assistance, they have the opportunity to sneak in and not get caught.

The truth is that Donald Trump was stopping much of this from happening. Like his policies or hate them, this wasn’t happening on his watch. Not only was it not happening, but he was taking action to stop more of it from happening for future leaders of our country. The southern border is genuinely the new pandemic.