Tennessee Sees Huge Boom In Americans Fleeing Blue States

People just can’t wait to get out of blue states. The great wave of families leaving their old lives for sunnier ones down south is growing larger, and its largest target is increasingly Tennessee.

Many of the Republican-led states across the country lead the nation in new residents. The migration of people from mostly Democratic Party-run states has grown in the last decades. States like California, Illinois, and New York are losing residents in droves.

Much of this movement heads down south. Many people, especially retirees and small business owners, like what they see: better weather, more economic opportunities, and lower taxes.

It should be little wonder why states like Georgia and Florida are exploding in growth. In addition to these southern states, Tennessee has quickly become a key leader in growth.

Tennessee offers many of the same advantages as the other leading growers. It has temperate weather and a favorable tax climate. If you’ve ever traveled through the state, you’ll also understand why people want to move there.

The Volunteer State is attracting large companies at an amazing speed. Any number of different sectors are considering the state. Amazon put one of its corporate headquarters in Nashville while Oracle is creating a second headquarters in Nashville.

The state is currently the second fastest-growing in terms of tech jobs. Serious manufacturing also came to the state as Volkswagen, Ford, General Motors, and Nissan all have plants in the state.

There are any number of cultural and historical draws to the state in addition to its significant business growth. This balance of respect for the past and a positive outlook for the future is essential.

Tennessee was the fastest-growing state in the union in 2021 and second-fastest in 2022. Its blistering growth is a major opportunity for families looking to relocate.

The 2020 census saw blue states lose a number of congressional seats to red states. Tennessee is a strong contender to lead the nation in added seats in the next census.