‘Terrible Timing, Terrible Tactics’: Jesse Watters On Timing Of Abortion Bill

Fox News host Jesse Watters confronted Sen. Lindsey Graham (R.-SC) on his show “Jesse Waters Primetime” regarding the timing and of his bill that would ban abortions on the federal level after 15 weeks.

Waters was not speaking about the contents or the importance of the bill, simply the timing and wisdom of introducing a controversial bill like this just weeks before one of the most important midterm elections in years.

Graham said, “I’m proudly pro-life, and I have no apology for being pro-life and there is no bad time to defend the unborn. So if you expect me to sit on the sidelines and watch the Democratic Party try to pass the most radical abortion law in the history of the country, you’re talking to the wrong guy.”

Watters answered Graham, “No one is saying you need to sit on the sidelines, but yesterday wasn’t the day to do that. Yesterday was the day they lost all momentum when this inflation thing punched them right in the face, and you gave them an out.”

Watters was referring to the fact that Graham unveiled his abortion bill on the same day that the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that inflation was at an 8.3% annual rate in August, a rate that was much higher than experts anticipated.

The new inflation rate should have been the talking point for republicans and democrats alike as it speaks to an economy that should be a crushing issue for democrats in November. Instead, Graham gave democrats a new talking point to rile their base and largely ignoring inflation.

“You could have done it on any other day, just like you could have delayed the whole press conference — like Joe should have delayed that stupid party,” Watters said, referring to an event President Biden held to celebrate the Inflation Reduction Act.

Graham never backed down in the interview and continued to argue that no time is the wrong time to “stand up for the unborn.” Watters, however, had a point, inflation is the worst it has been in more than four decades and republicans should highlight that whenever possible.