Texans Horrified After Jen Psaki Admits Illegal Aliens Are Being Dumped All Over Their State

Mask mandates and possibly more lockdowns may be on their way, but it seems Covid-19 has access to voter registration. It hasn’t been a secret that the CDC, President Joe Biden’s administrations, and politicians haven’t allowed conservatives to hold large groups without social ramifications. Still, you have to shut up and accept their policies and decisions when it comes to their policies and decisions.

The border crisis isn’t a new issue, but what’s new is what the Biden administration thinks about Covid-19. The federal government has unleashed thousands of infected migrants into McAllen, Texas, sparking a new pandemic, the infected and illegal.

If it sounds like it’s from a movie from the ’90s, you’d be correct. Poorly written and filmed where the political star forces the citizens to obey commands while making shady deals behind closed doors, the hero comes in and stops the corrupt government. It’s happening before your eyes on the big screen of the media. The hero will come in the form of impeachments and elections that will turn this country around. You have a role in this film, and your vote and voices count for a lot. Let it be heard.

Jen Psaki is known for butchering press conferences and refusing to give information about the White House staff breakthrough cases, but sometimes she’s honest. Psaki responded to a reporter asking about the migrants being moved to McAllen, saying, “There’s been, they signed a disaster declaration and approved setting up an emergency shelter to provide a space, to create a space to mitigate this issue. And what happens is DHS, and this is the process of what happens, uh, the agency, one we’re continuing to enforce Title 42 resulting in first in the expulsion of the vast majority of those encountered at the border, uh, we also, uh, the CBP provides migrants who can’t be expelled under Title 42 with PPE they’re required to wear the PPE if any exhibit signs of illness in CBP custody, referred to local health systems for testing, diagnosis, isolation, and treatment and obviously there are steps taken as needed and this is certainly evidence of.”

So masks and PPE are the solutions for thousands of illegal immigrants affecting American cities? That’s the solution we’re working with? While the federal government is mandating employees and trying to mandate everyone to get vaccinated because of spikes in Covid-19 infection, is it acceptable that illegal immigrants pour across the border and contribute to the spread?

It feels like we live in a crazy world where the federal government points at others for causing problems when they’re the ones to blame. It wouldn’t feel so odd if it weren’t happening.

In a world where former President Barack Obama can have hundreds of unmasked people at his home for a birthday party, but the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is a problem, is a bizarre claim. Don’t get me wrong, both should be acceptable, but the hypocrisy and double standard are frustrating for us all.

Buckle up, and it’s not getting better.