Texas County Under Investigation For Election Irregularities

Within the past few years, public confidence in American elections has taken some serious blows.

In Maricopa County, Arizona, tabulation machines completely malfunctioned on Election Day. This is the largest county in Arizona and Republican communities were reported as taking harder hits than Democratic ones.

So far, there have been no solutions initiated by Maricopa County to prevent any repeats of these problems in future elections.

Now, in Texas, issues with elections in Harris County are here. Gov. Greg Abbott (R) is therefore demanding an investigation to get to the bottom of this.

Trouble in Harris County
On Election Day, voters in Harris County were met with staffing issues, a lack of paper ballots, and various delays. These problems overwhelmingly impacted Republican areas and thus far, no one has been able to answer for it.

Abbott released an official statement, calling for Texas Rangers, the secretary of state, and the attorney general to review what happened in Harris County. The newly reelected governor also warned that problems in Harris County could be a result of anything from negligence to malice.

After Abbott’s statement, the district attorney of Harris County, Kim Ogg, made an announcement of her own. Ogg confirmed that she, too, is reaching out to Texas Ranchers to dig into allegations of illegal acts in Harris County.

In the district attorney’s statement, she stressed the important role that “free and fair” elections have in America’s democracy. Ogg also revealed that reports her office received about election irregularities are “credible,” therefore compelling formal investigations.

Growing Legal Action
Days ago, Harris County and its election officials were sued by the Republican Party of Harris County. In the lawsuit, the GOP charges the county’s elections administrator with prematurely publicizing early voting outcomes.

This, of course, violated election laws in the Lone Star State.

On Wednesday, Abbott shared a report that indicates the Texas secretary of state raised red flags over believed irregularities in Harris County. The weeks ahead will likely provide more insight into everything that happened in Harris County, along with preventative measures against any repeats.

Anyone who broke the law should also expect to be held accountable.