Texas Fundraises Amid Fight Against Illegal Immigration

The ongoing crisis of illegal immigration continues to come with nationwide consequences. The border is less secure and America is more in danger of allowing potential national security threats into the United States.

As all this occurs, the White House is still refusing to uphold the country’s immigration laws. In fact, it’s ripping down the few remaining reforms preventing total disaster, such as the Remain in Mexico rule.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration stands accused of supplying illegal immigrants with social security numbers and ID cards. Critics of illegal immigration warn this will only worsen the problems that border states like Texas are facing.

As the Lone Star State resists illegal immigraiton, it’s also managed to do some serious fundraising on this issue.

What to Know About Texas’ Immigration Fundraising
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) has been clear that as long as Biden allows illegal immigration to continue, he’s going to keep having migrants relocated to sanctuary cities like Washington DC and New York City.

Both Democratic mayors are furious over this. However, Texas isn’t backing down. On Abbott’s office website, a page exists for Americans to donate and help cover the transportation fees of getting migrants to left-wing sanctuary cities.

Over $118,000 and counting has been raised to date. This donations page also comes with a note explaining exactly how Biden’s policies created such a crisis that migrants need to be transported across the country.

Abbott noted that had Biden not removed measures like Title 42, Americans would be safer and employed at higher levels. At the same time, there are issues of human trafficking and drug smuggling that remain facilitated by the federal government’s refusal to secure the border.

In addition to paying for buses that take migrants to sanctuary cities, Americans can also help cover the costs of the border wall that Texas is building. Like Arizona, the Lone Star State has decided it’s not going to sit around and wait for the White House to act.

More Hard Work From Texas Officials
Officials working on the Texas border have their hands full. Aside from building the wall and providing necessary transportation services for migrants, Texas officials are likewise preventing even more unlawful entries.

In some cases, law enforcement has no choice but to make arrests of migrants trying to enter the United States. Given the current inaction from the Biden administration, Texans working on the southern border will have their hands full for quite some time to come.