Texas to Bus More Immigrants This Week to NYC

As Democrat politicians and the Biden administration welcome thousands of illegal immigrants into the United States every week, some states are coming up with creative ways to deal with it.

Texas has been shipping illegal immigrants coming across the southern border to places like Washington D.C. and New York City.

Three or more buses of immigrants are making their way now from Texas to NYC.

“We’ve learned buses are arriving tonight and two more tomorrow,” Immigrant Affairs Commissioner Manuel Castro told the City Council’s Committee on General Welfare on August 9.

Castro continued that Texas Gov. Greg Abbot plans to relocate the illegals to New York on an almost daily basis.

A charter bus company has been hired by Abbot whose state is flooded with illegal immigrant activity. Non-disclosure agreements are signed by the company so Democrats have not been able to get exact locations or itineraries on the buses.

Biden has been blocking political leaders from sending the aliens back across the border. So people like Abbot have been sending illegal immigrants to Democrat-ridden cities.

“Officially, Gov. Abbott announced that a bus directly from Texas was arriving this past Friday,” Castro said.

He added that Abbott didn’t “warn us about this even though the bus had started their journey Wednesday and was to arrive Friday,”

The bus let off 54 immigrants in this instant and an additional 14 got off a Sunday bus with some getting off at various other stops.

Democrat hypocrites are now complaining about the influx of illegal immigrants wreaking havoc in their cities and are demanding Republicans keep them.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams and Abbott have been arguing back and forth about the situation. Despite Adam’s threats, Abbott continues to contribute to Democrats’ desires to see illegal immigrants stay in the country.

Back in April, Abbott sent buses of illegals to Washington D.C. because of Biden’s “open border policies.”

About 4,000 illegal immigrants have found their way to the Big Apple, according to City Hall.

With homeless shelters becoming overrun, the city is setting up 11 emergency shelters to house the immigrants who came illegally into the country.

With the border crisis only worsening, some Republicans like Abbott are taking matters into their own hands.