Texts Show Chaos: U.S. Military Knew They Were Leaving American Citizens Stranded At The Kabul Airport

President Joe Biden declared Tuesday’s chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan an extraordinary accomplishment during a speech to the country. Nonetheless, according to text messages obtained by Just the News between private citizens and U.S. military leaders, President Biden’s rosy description of the evacuation bears no resemblance to reality. According to the report, pleading American citizens were frantically left behind at the Kabul airport gate this past weekend, facing an unknown fate under Taliban authority.

One of the 82nd Airborne Division Army colonels texted that they were abandoning American citizens. The Army colonel described a botched evacuation attempt that happened just hours before their soldiers departed the country. Former Special Forces veteran Michael Yon was on the ground assisting Americans who were trapped. According to Yon, the U.S. troops abandoned a group of Americans following their earlier departure from the Kabul airport.

Despite reports of desperate Americans attempting to flee the country but being turned away to meet the deadline he set, Biden claimed that only 100-200 Americans remained in the country as well as appeared to suggest that they were to blame for their plight when he stated that the majority of those who stay are dual citizens. These long-term residents had previously decided to stay due to the uncertainty.

However, several United States officials predicted this week that more than 5,000 inhabitants would be left behind. Joe Biden remarked on Tuesday that there is no evacuation at the end of a war that is free of the complexities, challenges, and hazards that Americans faced.