The Air Force Academy Is Under Fire For Going Woke

In 2022, the US military has very real problems that point to future national security risks, if not fixed. At the top of the list are lagging recruitment rates. Fewer people are deciding that military service is worth their time.

Meanwhile, military officials are further dwindling down the military by forcing out worthy soldiers who won’t take COVID-19 vaccines.

Even though these vaccines cannot contain virus spread or infection, the military continues to keep this mandate in place. Thousands more soldiers could be forced out if something doesn’t change.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a sense of urgency to fix these problems. Instead, the Air Force Academy is making headlines for telling its cadets not to use terms rooted in gender.

A New Low For the Air Force Academy
There was a time when the Air Force Academy was widely and universally respected. Sadly, that’s very quickly changing.

The Air Force Academy is currently under fire for a lesson that centered around being inclusive to all. Part of this lesson involved warning cadets that instead of claiming to be “blind” to race or ethnicity, they should say they’re “conscious” of it.

On top of this, the Air Force Academy is now discouraging the use of words like “mother,” “father,” “aunt,” and “uncle.” Instead, cadets are being taught to replace these words with phrases like “caregiver,” “relative,” and “folks.”

A spokesperson for the Air Force Academy recently defended this lesson, claiming that it’s empowering cadets to be sufficient “warfighters.”

Overwhelmingly Negative Public Reactions
Unfortunately for the United States, gender-neutral pronoun lessons aren’t helping to ensure the power of our military or our nation. Other countries around the world are teaching their troops to be prepared for battle, rather than to avoid offending people.

On social media, there have been many calls for the firing of people teaching cadets these lessons. Critics also warn that other nations are laughing at the direction the US military is taking under the leadership of the Biden administration.

Naturally, it hasn’t been missed that none of this would be occurring in the military under the Trump administration. Trump continuously showed strength on the world stage, thereby ensuring the United States was respected.

At the rate things are going in Biden’s America, our enemies will continue to be emboldened and view the United States as a joke.