The Biden Administration Denies That There Are Any Problems Tracking Media Members

In the US, the freedom of the press is enshrined in the 1st Amendment of the Constitution. This freedom is part of the freedom to think and speak for ourselves. All people have the right to publish their ideas, not just the superior class of writers who have official press credentials.

Recent requests from DHS show that journalists are being investigated. Maybe Joe Biden’s handlers think that the media is the enemy of the people too. They may want to control the liberal press and take out the conservative alternative new platforms.

Why is the Department of Homeland Security using government data designed to track militants, terrorists, and adversaries?

They were tracking around 20 American columnists under Donald Trump. Julie Pace with the AP sent a letter to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. She requested why Martha Mendoza’s name was included in the terrorist watchlist database and linked as a possible classified source during the Trump organization. Mendoza won the Pulitzer Prize in 2016. She wrote articles that provided details regarding slave work in the fishing business in Southeast Asia.

Why is Pace surprised that the Biden maladministration may continue to use government agencies’ ability to monitor data to track the contacts of writers? Remember the NSA programs? It is what America voted for when they elected the anti-President Joe Biden.

It seems that Democrats will not accept that past reviews that portray this activity as expected should be good enough for the current government running on fumes and deception. She is so cute.

The DHS had explored personal accounts of journalists, columnists, and writers. According to the Homeland Security inspector general’s report requested in a FOIA by Yahoo News, this has been going on for some time.

The IG’s report uncovered that Jeff Rambo, a Border Patrol agent who also worked with Customs and Border Protection, had travel records for Ali Watkins. Watkins is an author who was working for Politico and is now with the New York Times. It sounds like that adage about keeping your friends close.

Watkins seems to be caught up in efforts to stop leaks by the Trump administration. Rambo worked in the Counter Network Division and received numerous reports on press activities. He was approved to vet anybody connected with the press and potential information leaks. He had investigated Mendoza too.

It was the most recent illustration of investigations by an office made following the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks. Its tremendous capacities have been used to target Americans. But unless the people being tracked are members of the press, we do not find out because they think of themselves as unique.

The AP is profoundly worried about this apparent maltreatment. It gives the impression that columnists are focused because they act as watchdogs. Or because they are conduits for information that can be dangerous or misleading and used to harm political opponents.

The Department of Justice declined to indict Rambo and two other Homeland Security agents. DHS said that they do not support investigating correspondents. But the laws of this land are meant to protect all Americans, not just journalists. If they care about this country, they will do more to prevent abuse throughout the government rather than only get bent out of shape when the government comes after them.