The Biden Administration Gave Work Visas To Known Terrorist Threats

Leaked documents that were procured by Project Veritas reveal that the Biden administration allowed several known terrorist threats into the country when people were fleeing war-torn Afghanistan. Although these people were flagged by the system, the Biden Administration gave them work visas.

The United States’ haphazard withdrawal from Afghanistan was the beginning of the decline of the Biden Administration. It made many people realize how uncaring and careless the president was.

Although the situation in Afghanistan worsened significantly as a suicide bomber blew up 13 US service members. Biden did his best to deflect the blame off of him, and in due time, Afghanistan was no longer on the deadline. However, the foreign policy failure in the US withdrawal has serious repercussions.

It was stated in a synopsis by Project Veritas that there were various suspected terrorists who are presently living in the US, eventhough they have been flagged by the Terrorist Watchlist for multiple offenses. These individuals were admitted to the US as fleeing refugees under “Operation Allies Welcome”.

The terrorist threats verified by Project Veritas are small in number, however a whistleblower from the Federal Government has identified many more throughout the US and plenty of them are living in Washington, D.C. as well.

The documents obtained by Veritas contained information on one man who was a Category 15 threat for having used explosives. Another person who came to the U.S. in August was flagged for being involved in terrorist activity. Both of these people were given work visas almost instantly.

These instances show that the Biden Administration lies to the public when they claim that they thoroughly vet the people who are coming into the US from Afghanistan. The current administration also deceives the Americans when they claim the terrorist threats in the U.S. are being properly neutralized.

The present situation indicates that the Biden Administration is knowingly letting terrorists into the country or it is completely unaware of these flagged individuals. Either way, it does not look good for the U.S., as its national security is on the line. It seems like the White House is just not taking the situation seriously.