The Biden Administration Is Lying About The Border

The statistics for July have been released, and they confirm what Americans already know is taking place. In July, the federal authorities made over 212,000 arrests, a 20-year record and a 13 percent increase over the previous month. This tendency is nearly as alarming as the sheer volume of border arrests. During the spring and summer, when temperatures climb, illegal immigration reaches an all-time high. This time, though, the situation is different. It has risen continuously since April, peaked in February and March following Biden’s inauguration, and then again in June and July. The growing number of border arrests monthly has compelled the United States. Furthermore, these numbers, in human words, indicate a tragedy. Border Patrol agents shared video and photos last week of migrants sleeping on the floor in close quarters, many without masks, in overcrowded CBP facilities in South Texas.

Furthermore, Mr. Mayorkas euphemized the problem once more on Thursday in Laredo, Texas, calling it a challenge and stated that they would confront obstacles and overcome them. Unfortunately, no one believes that to be the case. Rather than dealing with the issue, the Biden administration has elevated it to a crisis and the crisis to a tragedy. Mayors and law enforcement officials are speaking out against the release of thousands of migrants who are COVID-positive into their areas. In a statement, Laredo Mayor Pete Saenz stated that his city was experiencing a public health catastrophe and that city authorities were chartering four buses per day to transport migrants to Austin and Houston.

Additionally, the Biden administration is still attempting to maintain the fiction that most migrants are being deported under Title 42, a public health decree imposed by President Trump in the early days of the epidemic following his border closure. The goal was to keep CBP facilities from becoming overcrowded during the Pandemic. The Biden administration asserts that Title 42 is still in effect, although this is not the case. In 2020, Trump’s administration removed the great majority of all migrants under Title 42. Since January, that percentage has gradually decreased; by May, it had fallen to 85 percent.

According to Ruben Navarrete, the Biden administration’s assertion that migrant families are being removed is false. He asserts that the great majority of family units and all unaccompanied kids are not subjected to any form of expulsion. Regardless of what the Biden administration may claim, he asserts that the approach is open border policies. Moreover, a rising percentage of migrants are freed with a notice to report on their records. It is a novel border strategy that resembles an ad hoc honor system. The Border Patrol claims that it does not have the necessary time or resources to process the migrants it is detaining.

Consequently, nobody believes the Biden administration’s plan for the border is anything more than processing and releasing as many migrants as arrive on the Rio Grande. Therefore, it is a fabrication when Mayorkas, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, or President Joe Biden claim the border has been shut down.