The Biden Administration is Now Losing Support From Its Own Side

With each passing day, the Biden administration crashes and burns just a little bit more. This is ultimately the result of the White House standing by policies that do not work and do not make anyone’s lives better.

Joe Biden has talked a lot about building back better. Meanwhile, the results of his policies and presidency are economic and energy crises, multiple foreign policy disasters, a potential recession next year, widespread illegal immigration, and more.

As this administration buries its head in the sand and ignores pushback from the general public, problems in this country only continue to magnify.

Amid all of this, the Biden administration is being called out more and more by people who align with them politically, according to Red State.

MSNBC Rips Biden a New One

When it comes to the southern border, Biden has completely allowed rampant illegal immigration to take over. He’s shown a complete disregard for America’s immigration laws, despite the oath of office he took vowing to uphold these laws.

As the southern border deals with reportedly thousands of new illegal immigrants each and every day, the White House confirms that up to 100,000 refugees from Ukraine will get expedited access into the United States.

However, MSNBC questioned this. Members of the network’s panel said that issues Ukrainian refugees are facing exist amongst other refugees from Central America and Africa.

Later, the network appeared to be indirectly calling Biden’s immigration policies “racist.” MSNBC did this by questioning why certain refugees are allegedly being given special treatment over others.

The network then went on to claim that America’s immigration system as a whole is rooted in bias against certain racial groups.

A Disaster of Biden’s Own Making

No matter how hard this president tries to appeal to the radical left, there will always be a portion of the left that’s even further. This portion of the left will then go on to claim that Biden is too conservative and/or not progressive enough.

The truth of the matter is this: Biden set this crisis in motion over a year ago. The latest commentary from MSNBC is just a byproduct of a president who’s shown complete disregard for the rule of law on the border.

Had Biden made the enforcement of legal immigration rules his policy from the start, America wouldn’t be facing the current problems of illegal border crossings, human trafficking upticks, drug trafficking increases, etc.

By allowing illegal immigration to run wild, Biden clearly believed he was throwing a bone to his supporters. In reality, all Biden did was open the door for leftists to say he needs to be even more liberal and “progressive” on various policies.