The Biden Administration Won’t Stop Lying About COVID Vaccines

For over the past year, there has been so much untrue information released to the public about COVID vaccines. At first, Americans were told that once COVID vaccines arrived, the virus would be over and everything would go back to normal. Of course, this didn’t pan out.

COVID vaccines didn’t end the virus as everyone was informed they would. To this day, even people who are totally vaccinated against COVID have been able to not just catch the virus, but also pass it along to others.

The Biden administration has been one of the main pushers of COVID vaccines; the president even tried to put through a nationwide COVID vaccine mandate, which the Supreme Court later blocked.

Unfortunately, this hasn’t stopped the White House from putting out information that is simply not correct when it comes to COVID vaccines.

A Pattern of Lies
On Thursday, the Biden administration landed in trouble when its official White House account tweeted out that no COVID vaccines were available once Biden came into office. Of course, this is simply not accurate.

Thanks to former President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed program, COVID vaccines were approved by the FDA in December 2020.

After widespread criticism for this outright lie, the White House tried to clean things up with a different tweet. The correction from the White House’s official Twitter account read that it “misstated” the availability of vaccines in Thursday’s post.

Next, the Biden administration claimed that the “wide” availability of COVID vaccines wasn’t present when the current president got into office. Sadly, this doesn’t even completely clean up the previous lie.

In January 2021, COVID vaccines were already being administered across the country. As a matter of fact, more than 16.5 million doses were already given out.

Ironically, Biden took his very first COVID vaccine before even coming into office as president.

The Irony Factor
The White House has talked at length about the pitfalls of misinformation being spread across the internet. This administration is even on record claiming that greater regulations need to be established to prevent misinformation from spreading on social media.

Yet, this administration’s claims that vaccines weren’t available (and weren’t “widely” available) once Biden came into power falls right under the umbrella of misinformation.

If the White House wants to truly take a stand against the spread of wrong details, it should lead by example. This means ensuring that White House officials themselves aren’t distributing lies as facts.

Unfortunately, this administration has a long way to go on that front.