The CEO of Netflix is Laying Down Some Ground Rules

Netflix, a widely used streaming service, has been running into very serious problems, as of late. For one thing, during the company’s first quarter this year, it absorbed a massive loss in subscribers.

This also played a role in the company’s stock tanking.

During the height of COVID lockdowns, Netflix saw serious increases in the number of users subscribing to its service. Naturally, some of this fell off once restrictions ended and people started getting back to their lives.

Earlier this month, Netflix even wound up furloughing 150 employees due to financial problems. Now, the company’s CEO is laying down some ground rules when it comes to content and its employees.

The CEO of Netflix on Content and Workers Within the Company
Not too long ago, Netflix went viral for releasing a memo about the type of movies and shows on its platform.

The company stated that employees will sometimes find themselves having to work with specific content they personally disagree with. Later, Netflix warned that folks who find themselves unable to do this may want to seek employment elsewhere.

Naturally, this went viral and caught a lot of attention. Now, Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos is explaining what went into this decision.

According to Sarandos, free speech was once embraced by liberals; therefore, to see conservative support for his company’s decision has thrown him for a loop of sorts.

Not long afterward, the Netflix CEO claimed that free expression is important and the streaming service has a variety of content.

Sarandos explained with the current abundance of content, not everyone will like everything; however, there are options that will appeal to most folks with all sorts of views and ideologies.

Finally, the CEO of Netflix confirmed standing up for various voices that left-wingers have tried to have canceled wasn’t difficult at all.

A Future Problem For the Streaming Service?
Due to the financial hits Netflix suffered, multiple reports exist that the company may start including ads in its content before the current year ends.

To this end, Netflix has been blasted on social media. Many Netflix subscribers enjoy the fact that this streaming service is ad-free, unlike some of its other competitors, such as Hulu and Peacock.

Multiple users on social media have warned they’ll cancel their accounts with Netflix if the company begins using ads. This would, of course, defeat the reasoning that Netflix has cited for possibly including ads to begin with.