The Democrat Party Has Fallen to a Gross Low

The Democrat Party of today is not what it was 20 years ago, or even ten years ago. There was a time when Democrats disagreed with Republicans on various policy issues, but were still able to find common ground in particular areas.

These days are long gone. 99% of the Democrat Party has decided that you’re either with them or you’re a far-right extremist. Democrats have also adopted an affinity for trying to force their views and decisions on others, as seen in left-wing support for mask mandates, COVID vaccine mandates, etc.

Another raging problem with the Democrat Party of today deals with its manic obsessions directed towards gender and race, as documented by The Federalist.

The Gross New Lows of the Democrat Party

Today’s Democrat Party is fighting tooth and nail to have very young children in schools taught about things like gender identification and sexual orientation.

The left went absolutely nuts after Florida passed a new law banning these matters from being taught to children in classes between kindergarten and third grade.

It gets even sicker, though. Biden’s current Supreme Court nominee, Ketanji Jackson, openly stated she couldn’t define the word “woman” when she was asked to do so by Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN).

The irony of this is that Jackson was nominated by Biden to serve on the Supreme Court largely because she is a black woman.

At the same time Democrats maintain their strange obsessions with gender and race, they are also ignoring real problems facing the nation. Some of these real problems involve skyrocketing inflation, higher interest rates, surges in crime, loss of individual liberties, etc.

A Necessary Change in Leadership

The Democrat Party of today is not capable of delivering the leadership that America is so strongly in need of.

When teaching small children about sexual identification is more important to Democrats than lowering the national debt or revamping domestic energy production, something is wrong.

An opportunity for a change in congressional leadership is going to arrive this November. In a matter of months, Americans will be able to head to the polls and decide whether or not they want Democrats or Republicans to have the majority control of Congress.

How these elections turnout will impact what comes from the second half of Biden’s presidency and where (or if) America is standing by the time 2024 gets here. The ultimate call is going to be made by American voters.