The Doomsday Clock That Should Be Turned Back

Nuclear war may be on the table, but there’s zero possibility that it will happen. Russia has put its nuclear arsenal on high alert, but fear tactics are the real thing that’s on high alert. Everyone seems to be getting what they want out of the Russia-Ukraine conflict besides Ukraine, who might get what they want if they can get more support on the world stage which would be a win for them because they’ve been trying to obtain permission to join NATO for a long time.

When the doomsday clock was created in 1947, the largest threat to the world was nuclear weapons. Ironically, the doomsday clock isn’t getting closer to midnight, even though there’s a possibility of World War III starting at any moment. But is WWIII starting? No.

Government and the elites can capitalize on fear. They can push a solution while also creating the problem simultaneously. For instance, forcing electric vehicles is capitalized on the energy crisis. That’s a market that’s not strictly available at this point. It may be available, but it’s not open to the extent that President Joe Biden’s administration is pushing for. The investment into energy that’s not clean has to happen immediately rather than later. When former President Donald Trump left office, the United States was energy independent because of Trump’s actions to ensure domestic oil production happened. Biden destroyed that hope and dream as soon as he took office. Why? Because Biden wants to bring the US to a place where carbon emissions are lower while consuming the same amount. It’s easier to happen when it doesn’t happen in the US. Then, Biden can demonize other countries for their emissions. It doesn’t make sense.

The entire clock is turning into a “2012 scenario,” and the watch will never hit midnight until nuclear weapons are released and there’s a scramble. Until then, the clock will be like a bad parent who counts down to 1 and then uses decimal points until the child listens.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic is over and there’s a realization that COVID-19 wasn’t as deadly as initially anticipated, can we get some of that time back? That would be a turn of events and likely expand their reach. Now that the world is back to normal, it would be odd if the clock stayed the same.