The Elderly Are “Stopping Crime,” But Where Are The Police?

Things have gotten so bad that grandmothers are stopping retail theft. Masks have made it increasingly easier to steal items from stores, and most criminals seem not to care either way because crimes have been made legal regarding sentencing and convictions.

Retail employees have stricter policies, and it’s usually against store policies to place their hands on anyone stealing items. It’s not a terrible idea because it becomes much more dangerous and could lead to someone losing their life over a pair of jeans, and it’s just not worth it.

Law enforcement officers have been demonized. It seems that departments are much more interested in taking people to jail for not wearing a mask or showing a COVID-19 vaccine card than actually taking care of crime in their communities. You can blame the police departments, sheriff’s offices, supervisors, and low-level officers. If you can’t stand up to your department and say no when authoritarian policies and orders come down, they don’t deserve to have a badge and gun. Backing the blue ends when the officers can’t stand up for what’s right and push back against their department even when it means that they could lose their job. You can’t take freedom away from someone because they won’t put a piece of fabric over someone’s face or show a medical card to enter an establishment.

As the man was leaving a Canadian store with a bicycle and other items, an employee followed him with a camera asking him if he would pay for the items. The man got to the door and said, excuse me to an elderly lady. The lady didn’t have it.

The lady grabbed the man’s facemask and tore it off his head, and said, “Excuse me! Take that f*cking mask off, a**hole!” The lady then yelled more expletive words at the man, and the employee grabbed the cart from the man and was successful.

The lady then said, “You just jacked up the price for everybody else because of you.”

While stores have insurance policies for these types of events, there’s going to come a time when insuring retail locations will be a much higher price than it currently is, making the product prices rise. No business model allows free goods to leave the store whenever someone wants a new cell phone case while still profitable. It’s just not reality.

It may be an isolated video, but it represents what happens worldwide. Good people step in to stop bad people from committing a crime. In some cases, the good Samaritan is destroyed by the media and sometimes in court, giving the courts a judgment against law-abiding citizens.